Live Your Purpose

We are all born with a purpose.


Over time, it gets lost or forgotten. When rediscovered and embraced, your purpose can lead you to fuller, healthier, and longer life. 


Take a step toward living your purpose today.


A kick-starter to your journey. Emergenetics puts a scientific lens on how your genetic blueprint and life experiences influence your natural way of thinking and behaving.

When people know their purpose and how to apply it in their work, they are happier, healthier, and more engaged.


This means reduced healthcare costs, higher employee retention, and overall increased business results

Meet Erica

Certified Integrative and Wellness Life Coach

Erica knows first-hand what life can be like once you identify your purpose.


A certified integrative and wellness life coach and Emergenetics Associate, Erica now guides others in their journey to discover and live their purpose.

MILC = Master Integrative Life Coach


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