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Life Integrated Coaching, LLC

We see life through individual lenses. Each experience adds a different tint to those lenses. We can work on changing those tints, but we can’t take our lenses off. They are an accumulation of our breaths, our conversations, our thoughts, and our daily moments. 


It is about understanding our experiences and how they appear in our life, along with monitoring the balance within us between the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical parts, that make us whole. All of this leads to uncovering your purpose in life.


I guide you how to look at each area within yourself, create a plan, and teach you the tools for your own life toolbox. Not just for now, but forever. Our balance is a constant ebb and flow and understanding how to approach them and what tools to apply when, is a life tool. 


There are various ways to work with me. You are the best person to decide what way will be most effective for you right now. For everyone, I require an initial conversation to ensure the greatest success. Part of my mission is to help anyone who wants to learn how to know their soul and approach life through clearer lenses, so if you know someone that needs this in their life but does not have the financial means, or if you are that person, please contact me and we can see together how it may work.


I am based virtually and hold sessions via video. I believe this is incredibly important, as so many of our thoughts are expressed visually. If you happen to live in the Grand Traverse region of Michigan — I can do in-person sessions upon request. 

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