Workshops are a great way to experience growth. Surrounded by others on their Journey of Curiosity, you learn not just about yourself, but how others approach life.

In completing a workshop with Life Integrated Coaching,

you leave with a support system and knowing you are not alone.

Signature Course: Journey of Curiosity

Upon completed the Journey of Curiosity course, you will go from having limits to being limitless, stuck to free, and define the YOU that will live the life you deserve. allow the 


Journey of Curiosity: Curiosity Basecamp

A four-week course designed to give you the tools of

Transformational Curiosity: SUSPEND, OPEN, and SEEK.

Workshop includes:

- Four 90-minute virtual group sessions

- Access to online group support channel

Journey of Curiosity: Journey to Self-Success

A six-week course designed to support your individual

personal transformation using the tools of Transformational Curiosity.

Workshop includes:

- Six 90-minute virtual group sessions

- Access to online group support channel

- Two 45-minute individual coaching sessions with Erica


You will gain:

- How and why you think and act the way you do in the world

- Learn that you define your own truths and reality and therefore, 

have the ability to change direction

- Your core values, where you spend your time/energy, and how to align them

- An action plan to continue living your dream life


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