It’s March!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

March is one of those months that has me bouncing from one end of the spectrum to the other with weather hopes. At some point I will reach my - I’m done with winter, where is spring - point. Until then, I will enjoy the spring winds that start up and crave another snowy day when I can curl up with a blanket, my pup, and a hot cup of tea.

Today kicks off the month with a jump up the thermometer. It will be a glorious walk around the park for me and my dog, and hopefully melt most of the inches of snow that fell only two days ago.

Perhaps I’ll even treat myself to the first iced beverage of the season... perhaps. (After all, I’m in northern Michigan so a ‘jump’ means in the 40s.)

Meanwhile, in other news, I decided to post more blogs that are heavy on the ‘musings’ of the day/week and not as heavy on the ‘article’ type of posts that require lots of time and editing. I found that I was editing out ME. I’ll still do the article types, but not as often.

I also decided to entertain a secret wish to do an advice column! Ha - typing it even makes me chuckle. That’s what this is all about... this new chapter of my life... to go full out and fulfill my dreams. All of them. So much of me still wants all the answers and to have everything worked out. With this though - I can’t, since I’m not the one that will be asking for advice! I’ll put it out there and see what takes. I really want a conversation to be started as the underlying thread of all my recent endeavors. A conversation about life’s corners and lines and society and how we have the inner power to change how we are in this world.

Check back for my shout out for conversation starters and/or questions!

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