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Let it Begin...

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I wonder if there is such a thing called “Keyboard Fright” – like stage fright, but instead of performing on a stage or speaking to an audience, it’s sitting at a keyboard afraid to type something that will be seen, read, and judged. 

I’ve had Keyboard Fright for months now. I’ve yet to write and publish my first blog post for Life Integrated Coaching. It’s a bit ironic, seeing as how my whole philosophy is to just be who you are and know that whatever you think at this point and moment in your life, with the knowledge you have right now, is always correct for you. Even more – by putting yourself out there in truth, you may learn something about yourself, the world, and others.  

For my blog though – I’m supposed to be the expert, correct? Everything I write should be the gospel. The truth for everyone and to inspire readers to be their best self always. 


I coach against that whole notion. I believe that if someone doesn’t show you their own journey including struggles – then you might not have much to learn from them. After all – life is about the learnings. In good times and lousy times. It’s about sharing our perceived flaws with the world and being open to change. Striving for new understanding of the world. Striving for new understanding of ourselves. Knowing that we can be someone today and someone different tomorrow – as long as we get there through discovery and choice. 

This is going to be my first blog post – I just decided. I got to this point through hard work, discovery, and the decision to learn who I am and can be. My first blog post should be about my continuing journey. Take it or leave it. Or better yet - come back and read my next one. 

My invitation for the day: Be who you are and let the people around you see that. Saying that you don’t know or asking a question gives others the inspiration to do the same. Focusing on positives and strengths lead others to do the same. We influence everything and everyone around us. Be an inspiration to yourself and others, just by being you. 

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