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Listen to your gut

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

One of the tools I coach is about listening to your gut. The inevitable battle between the brain and the gut… the battle is real and definitely makes its presence known in my life. 

I believe that your gut, however, knows things that your head does not. It senses. It listens and watches. It speaks sometimes in whispers and other times in screams. As you listen to it, the voice can become louder and more pronounced. 

I guide people in starting the process. Listening to the little things and following the message, regardless of how ridiculous it seems in that moment. Take an umbrella today – even though the weather says sun all day. Don’t throw those napkins away, you might need them later – even though you have nothing on your person that may spill; and the more slightly unheard, take your keys and at least phone with you as you exit your car to circle around and let your dog out…. You might need them – even though you do this routine all the time and for the past six years, you never needed them.

The latter is why I am writing this post, in hopes that it serves as a reminder to me and a hint to all of you to listen to your gut.

The examples I used may or may not be familiar to you. The umbrella one seems to be pretty popular

and often blamed on the weather report and not you ignoring what your gut said.  The napkins – that happened to me. I didn’t need the napkins that day, but the next day I was in desperate need of something to wipe up a spill and thanks to my gut, had those napkins in my bag. The car thing… yeah – all me. 

It happened this past weekend. I was in a lousy mood and drove to a park to meet my mom and take our respective dogs for a walk. The sun was shining, and I planned on that walk turning around my mood. However, when my gut told me to take my keys and phone, I consciously opted not to listen.

I rounded the car, and my dog – excited to see my mother and her dog, jumped into the passenger seat and put her paws on the window edge to look out. Just as I was reaching for the handle, she lowered her paws and CLICK….. hit the door lock. I froze, thinking that I had not heard what I knew I heard. 

Almost 20-minutes later and a visit from a tow truck, my dog happily bounded out of the car. Thankfully, she was absolutely fine – the sun wasn’t going directly into the car and the air carried a chill. Thankfully, my gut screamed that reminder to listen, but with no horrible repercussions for ignoring it.

I suggest we all renew our commitment to listen to our gut. Take data and our head into consideration, but never ever ignore your gut. Follow every instruction it tells you and track how it ends up helping you – because trust me, it will. 

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