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Soul's Purpose

Here’s the thing about finally figuring out why you are here, in this body, on this earth, at this time. (Otherwise known as your soul’s purpose.) Once you figure it out, you can’t ignore it. You can try, but when you do, your whole being feels out of alignment. I remember going into work feeling physically uncomfortable and not understanding why. I remember doing a whole lot of things in my life that felt ok for that time, but also knowing that I was not doing what I was meant to do.

For me, knowing my purpose in life gives me the foundation I’ve been seeking. Something to reflect upon when making decisions. Something to find comfort in when struggling to make a business work. No matter how difficult it’s been to get things up and running, I’ve never doubted my decision. As for outside work – I feel like I’m home for the first time and I believe it has everything to do with living my purpose.

To get there, to my purpose, took work. It’s not something that comes out of the blue. It takes steps forward, sideway, backward, and diagonal. It takes stripping off all preconceived notions of yourself and doing the work to really figure out who you are. I believe it takes that work to uncover what has always been there but covered up in experiences and doubts.

It’s worth it though. Totally worth it.

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