Live Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is about discovering why you think and behave as you do, who you are at your core, and then how to be YOU in the world.


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Foundation Package

Individual sessions provide a customized approach and a foundation to moving towards your purpose


Included in the Foundation Package:

- Three virtual 60-minute sessions, ideally within a month

- One virtual 60-minute session, a few weeks following initial sessions


Cost: $350


Jump start your journey by gaining an understanding of your natural preference for thinking and behaving


- Online questionnaire to complete Emergenetics Profile

- 90-minute debrief with a certified Emergenetics Associate

- Access to the Emergenetics+ app to continue your learning

Cost: $200


Individual Packages

Available after completing the Foundation Package, Emergenetics Jump-Start, or enrolling and completing the first three sessions of a group workshop:


Six Months

- 18 virtual 60-minute sessions (avg 3/month)

Cost: $1800

($300/month or a single reduced $1500 payment)

Three Months

9 virtual 60-minute sessions (avg 3/month)

Cost: $1000

($500/month for two months or a single reduced $900 payment)


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